About Us

Waldocks Paws is a small, family run business in the heart of the Yorkshire Countryside. Founder, Megan, began creating pet products for our Chief Executive Pup - Callie. But every pup, cat, rabbit and other creature (and human!) deserves to feel special, which is how Waldocks was formed.


When searching for products for our border collie, we always struggled to find something that combined safety with quality. Our founder, Meg, grew up sewing as a child and when she couldn't find what she needed, she decided to create her own instead! Taking inspiration from our countries natural beauty, she now works with multiple other businesses and other small artists to source and design the most luxurious style for you and your pets.


Our products combine luxurious quality with durability to ensure your products will last the test of time, and beautiful aesthetics to make sure you and/or your pet are the talk of the town! With our reputation for quality, and our eye for detail, you can trust Waldocks Paws to deliver every time. Our ethos is based around equality, kindness and fashion. From style setters to handbag pupfluencers all the way to adventure addicts, we have something for every wild heart.