Our Promise

We believe that we all have a social and environmental responsibility. And we take an extremely realistic and moral approach to ensure we perform ours to the best of our ability and help support others with theirs where possible.

At The Wildest Hearts Co., you won’t find any big, extravagant or unrealistic promises. We simply believe our actions will speak larger than our words.

We vow to support other small businesses wherever possible. If we can source our products from small businesses, we always will, and where we can’t source our raw materials from a small business, we look to support other UK businesses or to get other small businesses involved within our creative process first. We stock a large range of exclusive designs created by small artists both in the UK and internationally, and we have plans to continue to grow as an environmentally conscious company whilst keeping our products attainable for everyone.

Every single one of our customers matter. And we vow to give back to you as much as we can. We build products to last, and from the aesthetic we love so dearly ourselves to help build memories between you and your best friends.

We vow to recognise, support and assist with mental health and equality awareness wherever possible. And include ethical considerations within all our contracts for those we work with. Our representatives agree to anti-bullying clauses, to professionalism, equality and who respect the diverse nature of such a wonderful nation.

Our brand is built on these core values, and in these you can trust.

For our launch, we will be giving a little extra back to the environment. From Oct 23rd-Oct 25th 2020, for every purchase in our store we will plant a tree. Make sure to check back on the 1st November to see how many trees you have planted 🌲