Work With Us

2020 has been a difficult year for most of us. For some of us, we will be struggling to buy gifts this Christmas or even put food onto the table. Others of us may be struggling with the demands of our jobs, and dreaming of being able to finally monetise our social media - our Instagrams, our Facebooks, our Twitters, but not know where to start. Most of us, will probably need a little bit of fun to lift the blues of such a terrible year.


So, how can we help? We're here to help you make money from your social media. No scam websites, no third parties selling your data. Just good, and honest affiliation.


Many of us love to accessorise our dogs, cats and other pets - be it just with a stylish collar or lead, or even with a bandana or scarf. All of us will need to groom our dogs at some point, and a large proportion of us will feed natural chews and treats to our pets to keep them as healthy as we possible can.

So why not make an extra income from what you're already doing?


We are launching our new Affiliate scheme for our Winter pop-up. With our affiliate scheme, you will receive a 10% personalised discount code to advertise and we will give you back 5% of every order we receive using your code.


There are no obligations with this position. But the more you share your link and code, when it suits you, the more you will receive.

Our only requirements are that you are honest about us, our products and our ethos, and you have fun.


Fill in the form below to apply, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with your unique discount code :)!




Our top 5 fun recommendations to get you started:


1. Make a game out of bathtime, take a photo of your pet lathered up, give them a treat for posing for the camera and enjoy a laugh with your loved ones.


2. Go for a walk somewhere you havent been before. Put your favourite collar on your pet and capture a happy moment enjoying our natural countryside!


3. Get warm and cosy, take a photo of your pet snuggled up in the warm. #wildheartshavelazydaystoo


4. Run a giveaway this Christmas, we're happy to get involved too! Send us a message and let's spread some Christmas cheer, together.


5. Laugh, make memories, post happy and funny photos regardless of the quality or the 'likes' you achieve. Just enjoy capturing moments you'll look back and smile on.


*Please note, this is not a representative agreement. Our affiliates and representatives have different roles and responsibilities, and this post includes no free gifts.