Rose Gold Soft Cotton Rope Lead

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Rose Gold Soft Cotton Rope Lead

Soft Cotton Rope Lead

Rope lead made from luxuriously soft cotton.


Rope leads are the perfect choice for those country walks. With a 12mm diameter, our twisted leads are strong and secured with braiding to hold their strength for longer.  Waldocks Paws rope leads are not only an accessory, they're a necessity.


The core of the ropes are luxuriously soft, which means the cotton will get softer over time and usage. We don't bring all of this softness out in the manufacturing process, as this could decrease the life of the lead, but your lead will be much softer than most ropes when made, and only get softer from thereon.

 *As a standard, this rope will come as a clip lead, you can request a Slip/Clip Combo upgrade by contacting us and we will do this wherever possible.