Giz Me Da Noms Lightroom Preset
Giz Me Da Noms Lightroom Preset
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Giz Me Da Noms Lightroom Preset

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Giz Me Da Noms

Lightroom Preset for Dogs & Other Photography

Presets are a great way to apply the standard edit of one photo, to another without all the leg work! As a regular user of lightroom presets, we get extremely frustrated by the cost associated with them as we have never found a 'one-size-fits-all' preset, so have decided to offer ours individually at a very reasonable cost :). There's no feeling worse than spending £20-£30 on a collection, when you only liked 1-2 presets and they just don't work for your photos!

Your purchase also includes an installation guide for iphones. Please note, tablets and android phones may need some of these steps to be tweaked slightly. Please contact us if you have any issues translating these steps for different devices and we will help as much as we can. We also regularly use these presets on desktops, they are DNG files.

Our presets may include additional 'Selective Edits'. Unless stated here, these are only on the eyes. Selective edits are edits performed to a certain area of an image after the standard (preset) edits have been applied. We have included the selective edits within the file(s) for sale, and have included a note in step 5 regarding these for how to view them so you can copy the settings and adapt these if you wish to your own images. This feature is only available in paid versions of the lightroom app, it is not necessary. It is an optional extra edit we use regularly as we love the effect :).

*As this product is of a digital nature, it is not eligible for refunds or exchanges. This is not just subject to us, this is a standard returns policy for digital purchases, and by purchasing this product you agree to this. However, please let us know if you have any issues as we will be happy to help!


You may use these presets for personal use and to create end images and products to sell, however you may not sell or re-distribute the digital file in any way, including any modifications.

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