Hufflepup - Dogwarts Velvet Bow Tie

Hufflepup - Dogwarts Velvet Bow Tie

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An essential for the dapper dog. Our premium Dogwarts velvet bow ties are created with super soft plush velvet, and boast an array of luxurious features.


Gryffindog - Burgundy x Gold
Hufflepup - Lemon Yellow x Black
Slobberin' - Forest Green x Silver
Ravenpaw - Royal Blue x Bronze
Godric -Gold x Burgundy
Salazar - Silver x Forest Green
Helga - Black x Lemon Yellow
Rowena - Bronze x Royal Blue



  • Two elastic loops on the back of the bow, one on each side. This ensures your bow will hold it's place on your collar and won't twist, so your pup will look super stylish all throughout the day.
  • Elastic means the loops can stretch to accommodate multiple collar widths
  • All stitching has been reinforced to ensure it will survive your adventures
  • Created with extra thick fabric to ensure durability and help your bow to retain it's shape on your adventures.

Size: Est. 4" x 2.5".



Disclaimer: Please note, bow-ties are accessories only, a pet should never be left unattended wearing, or in the presence of an accessory. Consumption of accessories may cause your pet damage and you will need to seek veterinary advice immediately in the case of ingestion or other trauma. Monitor your accessories regularly for any wear and tear, and make sure to purchase an accessory which is suitable for your pet. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have chosen an appropriate accessory for their pet, and some of our accessories may not be suitable for strong dogs and/or strong pullers.