Spirit of the Wild Dog Tag

Spirit of the Wild Dog Tag

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Beautiful personalised metal dog tag available in your choice of size and shape:


S: 25mm round (recommended for cats and micro dogs)
M: 32mm round (recommended for the majority of dog breeds)
L: 38mm round (recommended for large dog breeds, or those who prefer a larger tag)


Some of our tags are also available in a 29mm Octagon shape. Our small tags may also be unavailable in certain designs, where printing so small would reduce the quality of the product. All options are made clear at the time of ordering to select from.


You also have the option to add the word "Chipped" to the back of your tag, underneath your personal information. This is completely optional.


All tags are personalised to you and handmade to order, and are non-refundable. We will aim to dispatch your tag within 5 working days.


Legal Information

It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with your national legislation regarding dog tags. We recommend a minimum of a house number, postcode, your name, and at least one phone number. We will create your tag with the information you request at the time of ordering, and take no responsibility if you do not provide the correct information as required by law.


Please note: the majority of our photos are created to show you how the final product may look. The finished product will be sent on one 20mm split ring in your choice of colour, with a lobster clasp attached. Final colour hues and pattern placement may change slightly once applied to our products, and every product will vary slightly in these. This is completely normal, as all colours will naturally appear brighter on a digital screen.